-30% Amix L-Glutamine 500 g

Amix Glutamine Micro Powder - food supplement with powder.

Net quantity: 500 g (100 servings) or 1000 g (200 servings).

One serving (1 scoop) contains 5 g of micronized L-glutamine. Daily rate - 2 servings - 10 g of L-glutamine.

Ingredients: micronized L-glutamine.

Usage: mix 1 scoop (5 g) of powder in a glass of water or juice and drink 30-60 minutes before training and a serving before bed. On non-sport days, take a serving in the morning just after waking up and a serving before going to bed.

Should not be used as a meal replacement. Do not exceed the established recommended daily dose. Keep out of the reach of children. Store tightly closed in a dry room away from direct sunlight, at a temperature no higher than 25 C. Consult a nutritionist or trainer before use.

Best before the end: watch on the edge of the pack.

Glutamine is an amino acid that makes up to 60% of all amino acids in muscles. Its amounts in muscles are the highest compared to other amino acids, but during heavy, especially long-lasting physical exertion, glutamine reserves in skeletal muscles can decrease significantly. Also, L-Glutamine is more than 20% among all amino acids circulating in the human body.

Amix L-Glutamine:

  • Highest quality L - Glutamine;
  • Pure active ingredient, no fillers or sweeteners used;
  • Perfect for use before and after training or before bed;
  • The building block of muscle.


Why is this product showing little information?
Unfortunately, due to strict European Union regulations, we are only allowed to provide limited information about food supplements and food products. It is allowed to mention only verified facts that are mentioned in the EU database. Therefore, we are often not allowed to share research-based results because they are not approved by the EU.

If you have any specific questions about this product, please contact us at +370 646 74351.

Manufacturer: LargeLife® Ltd., 6 Bexley square, Salford Manchester, M3 6BZ, United Kingdom.

Distributor: UAB "Aivaro Sportas" Taikos pr. 20, Klaipėda, Tel. No. +37064674351. More information at www.fitsport.lt

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Amix L-Glutamine 500 g

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